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Author: Jon

So, I’ve taken a job in Houston, Texas with The JL Salazar IP Law Firm.  Its a small firm handling patent applications for some major companies.  Most of my work has to do with the oil & gas industry.

Originally, I  applied for a job at the USPTO but then the politicians decided to mess with their money and they had a hiring freeze, 20 days from giving me an offer for the job.  I decided to use my newly acquired free time to visit my sister, Cherie.  She recently finished building a new house in Cleveland, TX.  During the visit, we had lunch with her friend, my new boss, Jennie, who offered me the job.  It’s in the same field I want to be in, in the private sector.  It’s been great, I was thrown in the deep end from the start, but I kept my head above water.

Anyway, I’m studying for the Patent Bar, which, once taken and passed, I’ll be a licensed agent.  I will be able to represent inventors and corporate clients submitting patent applications.  The plan is, to be able to work from home.  On that note, I already have  a home office set up.

Who knows where I’ll be a year from now, I may take a job with the USPTO or keep the one I have.  Only time will tell.