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25 Mar 09

Author: Jon

Sorry for the delay in my post, but it’s hard to get internet access here in lovely Ft. McCoy, WI.  Not the ideal place for spring break, but it will do.  So far, we’ve been in classes and briefs perparing us for the upcoming deployment.  I’ve included pictures below showing some aspects of our daily life.  As of now, we’ve had classes and gotten to fire all the weapons we will be taking.  This includes the M9 Baretta 9mm pistol, M16 5.56mm assault rifle (actually I have the shorter version M4), M249 automatic rifle (light maching gun), M240 medium maching gun, M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun, M40 automatic grenade launcher and the M203 single shot gernade launcher.  In other words, we’ve been having a great time.  There has been quite of bit of the usual Army BS along with some more than usual BS that can’t really be helped with us joining a new battalion.  My squad (13 soldiers under me) is really coming together as a team and that makes this a whole lot easier and much more fun.  I’ll stop trying to describe one and a half weeks in one paragraph and hope the pics help.

Yesterday, Nick Leimbach married my sister at Peace Lutheran Church in Beavercreek.  It was a wonderful ceremony with many friends and family members.  Because Nick is now being called up for deployment to Iraq, they pushed the wedding forward from Oct 09 to yesterday.  They planned it in two days, an unimaginable feat except that it actually happened.  I’ve put up a few pictures of the ceremony and dinner afterwards.

Nick and Amanda exchanging vows.

Nick and Amanda exchanging vows.

nick and amanda cutting the cake.

Nick and Amanda cutting the wedding cake.

Giving their toasts and thanks.

Nick and Amanda giving their toast and thanks.

my motto

Author: Jon


12 Mar 2009

Author: Jon

So I’ve finally caught up with the other 21st century cynics and have my own blog.  Hopefully I won’t bitch too much on here, though.  It’s main purpose is to let everyone who wants to know how I’m doing in Iraq.  I’ll post pics and video occasionally, when I have the Internet and time to do so.  Otherwise, pics and video may be delayed as I snail mail them back to my website admin, who I’d like to thank.  Nice work AP!!

In any case, this is my last day at OSU till AU10.  And I’m procrastinating…  Tomorrow I have my sister’s wedding, then moving all my stuff into storage the next day.  Finally, Sunday I ship off to training before mobilization (mob).  And that’s the last time you’ll read about what I’m going to be doing in the future.  For security purposes it’s best not to post that kind of info on the internet…  I’ll just keep it to what I’ve done.

Back to not finishing these projects…