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Happy Thanksgiving

Author: Jon

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Things are well here in FOB Delta, Iraq.  We had the day off and went to eat as a platoon.  The turkey was dry, the beans rubbery, the dressing was awful and the gravy was made with salt water, but it was a great day!  I have a lot to be thankful for, all my soldiers are still safe and we’re almost  complete with this perimeter road mission.  Don’t know when we’ll be heading back to Baghdad but I’d imagine by next year we’ll be there.


Author: Jon

Same old same old here at FOB Delta.  We’re about 97% done with the 24+ km perimeter road.  Next is either the perimeter berm (wall-o-dirt) or move back to VBC (Baghdad).  Not really sure what the future holds which is par for the course…

Our platoon is doing outstanding though, we get along as well as any 40 dudes confined to two rooms where you get to smell, hear, see and deal with each other 24/7.  We are getting all our work done and staying a cohesive unit which apparently is a hard thing to accomplish.  I give all credit to the fact we are away from the flag pole (HQ).  {No offense, sir} Out here we are allowed to use our own discretion and control to get done that which we are ordered to.  No prying eyes over our shoulders and no sharp-shooting of our plans.  No sergeants major, with nothing better to do, stalking around looking for some ass to chew.  Only ~40 soldiers and a LT who listens and makes decisions based on reason and help from experienced sergeants.

I’m sure the tone of this post is far different from previous ones, which is mostly due to the fact I’ve already vented this evening, but I’m sure a ranting, bitching one will come later.  The new active duty unit that arrived here is already started to get under my skin and it will only be a matter of time till I come to the Internets to blow off steam.
I’d post more pictures but (1) the internet is infernally slow (2) see the pictures from the previous post, add new, witty comentary and that’s what’d they be (3) the past four months could be summed up by watching Ground Hog’s Day with Bill Murray.  Good movie, horrible life.