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Back to Work

Author: Jon

It didn’t take long and they sent me right back to work.  I’m at a base called FOB Kalsu, doing similar stuff as before.   The difference being I’m in charge here.  My platoon has been tasked with a few different missions, so I have my squad and a few others from another squad.  To be honest, I love it.  I’ve always been a good follower but truly feel at home being the one in charge.  What can I say, it’s in the genes.

Back in Iraq

Author: Jon

I made it back to Camp Styker late last night and am ready to finish this deployment.  We have just a couple of months left which brings me to a point:  The last day to send me mail will be 15 Feb 2010.  I really appreciate everything everyone has sent me but to be honest, I probably won’t need anything other than letters from here on out.  Again, thank you for everything to everyone who’s sent me anything!

Heading back to Iraq

Author: Jon

Now that my leave is over, I’m heading back.  Luckily I only have a couple of months left, though I don’t have any exact dates.

Leave was great, I was able to see a lot of family in Las Vegas as well as help stimulate the economy there.  (Luck didn’t find me)  I also got to see many friends in Dayton, Columbus and Northern Kentucky.  I just want to say thanks to everyone for their hospitality and good times!