Wrapping Things Up

Author: Jon

With our replacements now in theatre, we start the fun process of RIPing (Relief In Place). Theoretically, this means we continue missions while we train the new guys what we learned until they are ready to take the reins and do everything themselves.  In reality the process involves so much equipment, items, knowledge and plain Ole Army Bureaucracy to hand over, missions cease until the new unit starts them back up again.  With hope, this will be relatively soon, as we’re setting them up to succeed unlike what our predecessors did for us; namely leaving 90% of the Engineer equipment broken and none of the tactical vehicles set up for missions.

For now, we’ve moved into another tent city, where we’ll wait out the last days in Iraq; although that may sound soon, it isn’t…   Time has seemed to slow to a crawl as everyone is now talking about what they’re going to do when the return home.  Some are looking at buying a house or a car, some just want to see their family, while some go home to nothing: no job, no home besides their parent’s, no education, and no plan.  While the Army does offer many tools to help start one’s civilian life back up, times (as I’m sure we’re all aware of) are tough.  Though for me, I plan to return to my parent’s house until OSU’s fall quarter where I have only two quarters left for my B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  The Army may have turn a 5 year plan into 9, but they did pay for it and have given me a priceless experience in leadership and life.  Until school starts up I plan to visit friends and family as well as take a few vacations that are already scheduled.  Oh, and an Army leadership course, FUN!

I don’t have any pictures this time, sorry.

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  1. Uncle Tom and Aunt Karen Says:

    Proud to see you are setting up for the next unit to succeed. As
    for your plans, we just want you home safe so you can enjoy your
    european vacation in june. Students at U of A are footing a
    much larger tuition because of our state budget problems. Hopefully,
    the army can still foot your bill. Spring has returned to Tucson.
    Temps in the 80s this week.

    Love Ya

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