Al Asad, Iraq

Author: Jon

We’ve arrived in Al Asad, Iraq, a US base in the western part of Iraq.  This is our last stop in Iraq until we fly back to the states.

Till then, we’re just trying to find stuff to do to eat up the time.  Everyone just wants to get away from one another as living on top of each other for the past year will make  you hate even your best friend.  They do have a movie theater and indoor swimming pool, so our transition to the states won’t be a total shock.  Other than that, it’s hurry up and wait as usual.

2 Responses to “Al Asad, Iraq”

  1. josh Says:

    hey look on the brite side you get one more chance to experience the college life. You don’t miss it till you leave

  2. Uncle Tom Says:

    we await your safe return. Glad to hear Nick is already
    home, and you’re next. Talk to you on skype when you
    Love…Uncle Tom, Aunt Karen

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